Where to Try out Massage Chairs in the USA?

Whenever you search for ‘massage chairs USA online, remember it’s a major investment, monetarily as well as in terms of space inside your home, which is the reason settling on the correct choice is so significant.

Massage chairs in the USA range from a price tag of $1199 to a much higher amount of $9999, however choosing the right one within the budget requires a lot of research as well as the right decision.

Therefore, Kollecktiv offers a range of the best massage chairs with premium features in a budget-friendly manner. Not only this but Kollecktiv massage chairs can be tried out before buying from our retail outlets in the USA.

Types of massage chairs you can find in the USA:

Here are the various sorts of massage chairs accessible in the USA so you can begin to refine your hunt:


The most customary kind of massage seat is the recliner. Ordinarily a cheaper alternative than a zero-gravity chair, it is basically an agreeable comfortable chair with good massage features so fits well inside the home.


Roused by space travel, zero gravity chairs are intended to truly ease the heat off your legs and back and uniformly disperse your weight for help from everyday torment.

Massage Chairs For Sale

A full body massage chair deals with the entire body, ordinarily supporting the customer to give all-over alleviation, commonly a more expensive item as it professes to be the nearest thing to a human back rub.


In the event that you need a more customary look, you may pick a coordinating with an ottoman. This is a seat with a different footrest, the two of which have massage rollers and/or airbags.

Chair/Seat Pad

If you don’t have the budget for a full-fledged massage chair or don’t have the space accessible then you can basically make your own with a seat cushion. Seat cushions can be connected to your favourite seat or be utilized while sat up in bed.

Try it before buying it:

We acknowledge that these massage chairs aren’t widely available in the USA to try, thus our customers can opt-in for our industry-leading policy of trying out the best massage furniture before buying it to get satisfied with the leisure of owning a masseuse all by yourself.

Kollecktiv premium massage chairs also come with an official warranty to be really sure that you have made the right decision, whereas, most of our customers prefer Kollecktiv massage chairs over others by just sitting in one for few minutes anyway.

Unlike other massage chairs where it takes several days to get the settings right with custom programs tuned to your needs and still not getting the results, Kollecktiv massage chairs have body detection technology where our chair’s AI smart chip will adjust the settings automatically depending on your body type.

You’ll love the testing and enjoying the health benefits of your favourite massage chair for sale in the comfort of your satisfaction before buying it to make sure you made the right choice. In the event that you are totally satisfied just book your order and we’ll send the chair to your home to get fitted and ready to use.

Contact Kollecktiv:

So, give us a call or chat with us using our website and let us know what you are looking for in a massage chair. Whether there are specific benefits and features or what’s your price range? We’ll offer you a personalized recommendation that we guarantee you’ll love. We have the answers you’re looking for, product details, shipping methods, payment options, and anything else.

2 thoughts on “Where to Try out Massage Chairs in the USA?

  1. Jayne Ewing says:

    What warranty is offered with the price of the massage chair? Can you purchase a longer warranty? Also, Is there a local Southern California electrician in the event of problems with the system or wear in the future? How do you find services?

    1. 1) We offer 2 years warranty
      2) The parts can be easily replaced and provided to be replaced

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