Suggestions to Look For When Buying a Massage Chair

Massage chairs can truly be a life-changer for people going through the hectic daily routine, however, one could end up scavenging tirelessly searching for massage chairs for sale near me on the internet.

Nonetheless, by having precise resources and knowledge you can buy the massage chair capable of fulfilling all your requirements making you say that all paid off! We have compiled major suggestions that you must look for when buying a massage chair:

Manufacturing Quality:

What’s on the inside is what really matters and the same goes for Massage chairs. When buying a massage chair, often people ignore the base quality with which a massage chair is made of while it should never be ignored.

The cheap chair is a glorified massaging seat topper with stationary spinning disks, sure to leave a mark after just a few minutes of sitting. High-quality massage chairs near me like the Kollecktiv Massage Chair are a state-of-the-art true robotic therapy machine that provides complete neck toes coverage and has the build quality required for years of reliable service.

Several sets of rotating nodes can be found on the no-name or cheap massage chair that will rub against the user’s back leaving 4-6 inches of gaps. Whereas, the premium massage chairs have a 3D roller mechanism that runs along a 49” L-shaped track allowing continuous massage along the entirety of the back massage.

Types of Massage:

Moving on to the second suggestion, 2D vs. 3D/4D Massage Chairs. Back mechanism roller technology is continually evolving so that massage chairs feel more like your own personal masseuse than a machine. Even in the last few years, the technology has grown light-years from basic 2D to 4D therapy. Here’s an overview of the options you can avail of:

2D Massage Chairs:

2D massage chair rollers move in two dimensions: up & down and side to side with a fixed depth otherwise known as intensity.

3D/4D Massage Chairs:

Where a 2D massage chair works on the X and Y axis, 3D/4D chairs run on the X, Y, and Z-axis as well. This provides the 3rd dimension of movement so you have up & down, side to side and in & out movements.

Now, which Technology is Better, whether opt-in for 2D or 3D/4D massage chairs? For a human-like, personalized massage, a 3D/4D massage chair will be your best bet.

Frequency of Your Massage Requirement:

Out of plenty, there are a few major factors that must be considered when it comes down to purchasing a massage chair. Firstly, how frequently do you need a massage? Secondly, what are your problem spots? And finally, what can you afford?

If you are looking for frequent massages and have a problem area that is difficult or very specific then oftentimes you will need a higher quality massage chair just like the Kollecktiv Massage Chair. At Kollecktiv, the massage chairs are designed as a long-term therapeutic machine, for healthier daily living.

Even though it does cost more but over the life of the product, it’s worth it. Indeed you will get exactly what you have paid for. Nevertheless, cheap chairs can be considered if the usage is infrequent and the precision of the massage is being ignored.


It’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what you are going to pay and what will you get in return. If you’re having difficulty coming up with a budget, just remember there’s no right or wrong answer.

It’s about what you’re most comfortable spending. Nail down a budget and don’t be one of those people that budge off from their set budget as massage chairs usually come with high price tags.

The consumer must be well informed about what kind of massage chair they are getting. We could not agree more and are proud to put our massage chairs under customer’s inspection without any hesitation.

You can reach out to to receive a personalized report of your massage chair matches, or if you’d like to speak with one of our trusted massage chair specialists, give us a call and we’ll recommend the perfect model for all your needs.

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