Our massage chair offers an amazingly alleviating massage experience reasonable for all classes of bodies. Stacked with the best features a Massage Chair can offer, the Kollecktiv massage chairs give a magnificent inclination from comfortable roller tracks moving back and forth the neck and shoulders right down through the glute and thigh muscles. Furthermore, airbags also play a vital part in working on Kollecktiv Massage Chairs that will give an ideal blend of a genuinely soothing massage experience.

Kollecktiv have never compromised on the quality rather our massage chairs are fully capable of providing cutting edge massage techniques that have a proven record of being truly the most effective massage techniques to be ever used in massage chairs:

  • Shiatsu technique generally utilizes squeezing, patting, tapping, rolling, and pivoting all in one. The characterizing facts for Shiatsu are its attention on delivering the right amount of pressure explicitly to pain areas of the body.
  • Swedish massage is normal for long coasting strokes and plying movements. This kind of massage technique targets encouraging pressurized circulation throughout the whole body.

Moreover, ease of satisfaction establishes the framework in creating our massage chairs, which is the reason we have consolidated Bluetooth in our massage chair models so you can without much of a stretch interface with your mobile phone or and other wireless device and play music through the chair’s headrest speakers.

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SL Full Body 4D Automatic Manipulator Massage Chair
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SL Full Body 4D Automatic Manipulator Massage Chair