Massage Chair Buying Guide by Kollecktiv Expert

For centuries massage has been proven to relieve pain and speed up recovery of injuries as well as prevent soreness for active people. So, what precisely to check in a massage chair when searching for massage chairs near me?

The answer is simple yet carries a whole bunch of importance, a massage therapy that precisely hits the spot where it is paining. It’s devastating how prolonged pain can do to your body, therefore it should be treated the right way in order to perceive a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. As a consumer, it’s your right to be knowledgeable about the decision you make before spending your money.

Our experts at Kollecktiv have a detailed guide for you on what to look for when buying a massage chair. After this, you should have a better idea of how buying a great massage chair for sale can help your body, and what to look for in a massage chair for your own home.

Massage Chairs Near Me

When you’re picking out your massage chair, you’ll need to consider all the below features and what purpose you want your chair to serve as well as a few more things to ensure you’re happy with your massage chair purchase:

Ø Massage Functions:

Low-end knead seats typically offer minimal more than straightforward vibration and moving back rub. Then again, top-of-the-line massage chairs offer a wide assortment of highlights to help set you and your body straight.

Ø Massage Positions:

Despite shifting massage styles, all massage seats include diverse back rub regions past only your back. A premium massage normally offers leg and foot knead and in certain seats, arm, and wrist rubs.

Ø Massage Rollers:

When you choose to dive in and purchase the massage chair you had always wanted, verify that one of the highlights you need to consider is the types of rollers.

Ø Massage Airbags:

Massage airbags offer amazing help from strain and firmness by conveying compressed air to little pockets situated toward the back, legs, or sides of your massage chair.

Ø Heated Massage:

Most developed massage seats accompany the alternative of a heated massage along with the back. By offering infrared warmth, your massage therapy turns out to be altogether more compelling by adding more unwinding to your muscles.

Kollecktiv massage chairs are loaded with not only all of the above features but many more like full-body scanning, customized massage programs, recline functions, intensity adjustments of massage, etc.

Kollecktiv Massage Chairs feature airbags throughout the feet and calf that simulate human hands and provide a compression massage.

As the word represents compression, such massages are a gateway to get your blood flowing and improve circulation in the legs and feet. Such circulation provides an extra flow of oxygen to your muscles flushing out other bodily byproducts and could in some cases lower blood pressure. A great compression massage requires a system of advanced airbags.

The Airbags we use on our massage chairs are a series of air cells that inflate and compress these multiple cells fully adjust to the leg to focus on problematic areas. The intensity of these rollers in Kollecktiv’s massage chairs can easily be adjusted to better fit the user.

Find the nearest Kollecktiv Retail Partners & add a massage chair to your daily wellness routine so you can feel exceptional every day. You can chat with one of our Massage Chair Specialists at We’re more than happy to help you find relief from your stress.

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