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Awareness and care for physical and mental well-being have never been more essential and, of all the trends that have developed in recent years, this is the one we support the most.

As we continue to go through a time of uncertainty, we must embrace what we can control and make the most of our healing abilities, and there is no better way than a product from

While personal care was until recent year considered optional, it is quickly becoming a staple of daily life concerning the impact of COVID-19, as our mental and physical well-being is at the centre of our concerns, and our variety of massage chairs are conscientiously designed to promote your well-being.

Using Kollecktiv for mental and physical well-being at home

When you feel it’s time to rest, close your eyes, listen to soothing music, and relax, it’s time to get comfortable in a Kollecktiv Bluetooth massage chair. The industry-leading Kollecktiv hi-tech professional massage chairs have already proven themselves to be the future of everyday wellness.

Each chair analyzes the unique contours of the body, making it possible to tailor each user’s experience, from patented relaxation to athletic therapy, stress reduction and zero gravity settings. All Kollecktiv massage chairs offer a multi-sensory experience thanks to built-in speakers and Bluetooth, USB and AUX portals that ensure great sound and easy listening, giving your home relaxation session any other level.

The Kollecktiv experience does not end there, why not treat yourself to a head-to-toe treatment session.

Take care a little further

After a relaxing full body massage, wrap yourself in your most comfortable loungewear, snuggle up in your favourite spot and indulge in the ultimate facial treatment at home with the 7 Color LED Facial Light Therapy Machine.

Thanks to the red, blue, white, purple, green, Cyan, and, yellow light treatment massage. This treatment will improve wrinkles and increase elasticity, shrink pores and relieve skin, and give you a smoother and clearer complexion. Who does not dream of it?

You can even go even further! Use the Kollecktiv Electric Leg Foot Massager Heat Kneading Rolling for a spa-quality foot massage experience. With special features such as an ankle airbag press for the whole foot, a 3-step foot roller and a calf roller, your feet will experience the ultimate in-home spa experience.

We assure you that from the first use, you will immediately see, feel and notice the benefits of Kollecktiv products, and that once you integrate their use into your daily routine, you will be truly transformed.

While none of us can claim to know what will happen tomorrow, we can guarantee that Kollecktiv will be there to support you, take care of you and help you go through each day, feeling fulfilled mentally and physically.

For more information on Kollecktiv products, you can visit our online store at or email us at [email protected] with any questions.

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