Keep Your Chair Clean

Whatever we owe, we take good care of those things. Whether it’s a car or our house. Our massage chairs should have the same importance. You need to take care of them and maintain them. Especially, to keep your chair in a good and new shape, little maintenance is required.

The first step you do after you buy a massage chair, get a quality leather/vinyl cleaner/protector. We recommend that you periodically wipe down the chair. This is very essential that the power cord is plugged in tightly and is not worn. Make sure of that. All the zippers should be connected well. Check them thoroughly. Secondly, you can use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the footrest area as it gathers trash as well. You may also unzip and wash on a gentle washer cycle all of the inserts for the footrest and arm pockets. Attention! you should air-dry them immediately to avoid shrinking.

NOTE: Replacements of these fabric pieces or covers are NOT covered under warranty.

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