Want to improve your life by adding massage therapy to your daily wellness routine so you can feel exceptional every day? Kollecktiv has got your back! Being an electronics selling company is not what defines us Kollecktiv is much more! At Kollecktiv we offer high-tech massaging products that are crafted keeping in view the elimination of stress and pain as well as long-lasting health benefits. We supply electronics that serve as a vital relaxing element in your stressful daily routine.

Kollecktiv is an exact outcome of our sincere deliberation towards our customers. Our mission is to provide relaxation and comfort solutions for people of all shapes and sizes, and our products are a logical move to carry on our legacy. We have also taken other steps in improving the overall health and wellness of people from all walks of life.


To be considered the most trustworthy and reliable in the international market, Kollecktiv intent to be the leading Electronics Selling company from China. Our vision is to design products by using cutting-edge technology to be the best in the market.


Kollecktiv is an ACRA registered company operating in China since the company’s incorporation in the year 2015. Kollecktiv is a Private Limited Company, that launched in 2015 and has managed to grow its business in multiple countries since then. The countries include the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and China.


Kollecktiv has achieved multiple awards since its launch. The frequent category that we have managed to keep our name in is Design. Our aesthetic senses have always been the key to creating stunning products, and it has always been appreciated by the masses that helped us grow our products. Other than that, we have also managed to attain Patents on our Beauty Devices that make our products Exclusive.


The belief of making the world a better place. This dream makes us believe in technology. Technology is a blessing for human beings. It has helped people to manage their lives so efficiently and effectively. My vision is to utilize the latest technology in such a manner that it becomes a medium to enhance the well-being of humans.