5 Different Types of Massage Chairs That You Need to Check

Possessing numerous health benefits, people are opting in for electric massage chairs to get the benefits of owning a personal masseuse from the comfort of their homes. 

However, most people find it difficult in choosing the massage chair that fulfils their requirements as there is a range of massage chairs in the market that not only comes in various price ranges but also a big difference in quality and manufacturing type. 

The expression “massage chair” epitomizes a staggering assortment of items from chairs that vibrate to more clinical gadgets/furniture that analyze strain and recommend treatment.

In this article, we’re strolling you through the various kinds of massage chairs, by the end, you’ll have a comprehension of the key classifications of massage chairs and a superior consciousness of the sort of seat that will work for you.

Full Body Massage Chairs

The most well-known sorts of electric massage chairs are called Full Body massage chairs. These seats do precisely what they’re known as. A full body massage. In case you’re searching for something that will massage all aspects of your body for you when you sit on it, look no further. 

There are a lot of alternatives in Full Body Massage Chairs out there. What sort of highlights they have and how they play out the massage therapy relies upon the brand and model you’re going for. Most full-body massage chairs provide soothing therapy to your neck, body, shoulders, calves, and feet. The more current models even do the hands and arms.

Ottoman Massage Chairs

On the far edge of the range from full body massage chairs, we come to Ottoman massage seats. These chairs are viewed as budget massage chairs and have been around for a long, long time. They’re the kind of chairs that nearly anybody and every individual who is on a limited financial plan would be searching for.

Ottoman Massage Chairs are just somewhat more costly than typical seats however offer the advantage of a comfortable, loosening up massage chair while likewise being viable and consuming less space than most other massage chairs which occupy much room in your home.

Heated Massage Chairs

Heat treatment is a thing and heated massage chairs are much more of an extraordinary thing. It’s viewed as an extravagance highlight found in most top-of-the-line vehicles and 5-star lodgings. 

In case you’re on the lookout for a seat that is customized for solace and unwinding, say, a massage seat then, at that point heated massage seats are going to grab your eye. Heat therapy is special compared to other known types of treatment for muscle pressure and soreness. Heated massage chairs will assist you with the equivalent.

Air Massage Chairs

Air massage chairs work a bit diversely contrasted with other massage seats. They’re comparably as comfortable if not more and have a serious distinctive encounter to offer. Not at all like customary massage which utilizes electronic massaging hardware, Air Massage seats utilize a lot of airbags that relax portions of your body that typical massage chairs wouldn’t. 

While most basic massage chairs have an impact on your neck, shoulders, calves and aim to loosen up your muscles, Air massage seats rub your hands, arms, legs, and feet. The outcome is a lot milder therapy insight when contrasted with therapies offered by customary massage seats with rollers. The airbags work effectively in playing out a full body massage and assists you with feeling loose after serious activities like cardio and gym sessions.

Zero-Gravity Massage Chairs

Another kind of massage therapeutic chair is Zero Gravity. Zero Gravity massage chairs offer a comparative encounter to that accomplished by pilots in space under zero-gravity conditions. At first, this began as an element offered in certain massage seats. Notwithstanding, it later transformed into a kind of massage furniture of its own when Massage Chairs specific for Zero Gravity were planned and created. 

The slope on the chair of Zero Gravity seats is to such an extent that you experience a comparative body stance to the manner in which space travellers do when they glide around in space. This is something that empowers reversal treatment on your spine. It makes a very positive condition for improving your overall stance and furthermore relieves your back.

Despite, these massage chairs there are certain features like 3D/4D massage, S-Track and L-Track, Full-Body Scan Technology, and many more that make your massage experience premium and more beneficial. 

At Kollecktiv we offer massage chairs that are a perfect combination of such features with state-of-the-art technology. 

We know that choosing a massage chair specific to your needs is a daunting task especially if you are unsure of the different types that are out here, therefore, we provide testing of our premium massage chairs at our retail offices before you buy them along with a warranty that is worth your satisfaction. Give us a call or visit the Kollecktiv website to find out more about the massage chairs we offer.

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